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Why Us?

Little Busy Bees Daycare is committed to creating a safe, warm, learning loving environment for children. where they can learn and grow physically, emotionally, creativity, intellectually and socially at their own pace. We want to help your child increase their confidence and self-esteem by treating them as unique individuals and allowing them to express themselves in a variety of facets. We strive to make your child's time at the daycare the daycare the best experience it can be for them as well as for you, the parents. 
  1. Ms. Valentine
    Ms. Valentine
    "Children must be taught how to think, not what to think". -Margaret Mead
  2. Ms. Ritha
    Ms. Ritha
    " A Person is a person, no matter how small". - Dr. Seus
  3. Ms. Cheryl
    Ms. Cheryl
    " Tell me and I'll forget, Teach me and I'll remember, Involve me and I'll learn". - Benjamin Franklin
  1. Thank you so much for all you are doing to take care of our children, Marco and Julia. My husband and I are so pleased with your home and your staff. Your teachers are truly remarkable in the sense that they are so positive, always smiling, and so incredibly great with the children. So far Marco and Julia are having a great time and they look forward to coming to Little Busy Bees every single day. You have exceeded our expectations!"
    Mark and Lisa
  2. Working the graveyard shift is extremely difficult. Especially when you are a single parent. Ms. Valentine is truly an amazing provider. I highly recommend Little Busy Bees to anyone looking for a reliable daycare.
    Harriet. K
  3. As a mom who never left her kids with anyone, Little Busy Bees is the best decision I ever made. Not only do I know my girls are in a safe, secure environment and well taken care of; they are HAPPY! And that is priceless. As a former teacher, I can say with confidence that the staff is outstanding; these are people who truly love and enjoy children and have a working knowledge of child development. IN FACT they will help your child potty train and transition to the next stage of development! Again as someone with a background in education, I know that these attributes are a rare find. I am so grateful for Little Busy Bees Daycare!
    Shanika. D
  4. As a first-time parent entering Little Busy Bees Daycare was a big deal. I was very nervous to leave my child with a private nanny. When I went to tour the daycare, the staff really eased all my worries and concerns. After multiple meetings and telephone conversations with the Valentine and the staff they were able to answer all the questions. My child has attended this daycare for 3 months and I have been nothing but satisfied with the service and care provided.
    Jennifer. F
  5. We would like to thank you and your staff for all the love, support, education and patience that you have given both of my sons. Our family has been truly blessed to have been able to know you and your staff. And while it's true that we were hesitant about the idea of leaving our children in any daycare, we couldn't have found a more perfect place than Little Busy Bees Daycare to take care of our children. Our boys have learned new skills, especially when it comes to language development. they have learned the importance of teamwork, and organization and have reached several milestones from potty training, to learning the alphabet and numbers, to writing their names with the help and support of your excellent teachers. Our time at Little Busy Bees Daycare has truly flew by so fast "
    Daniel. S

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